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At Long Run Associates, LLC, we specialize in finance consulting for hemp and CBD businesses of all sizes in the Southeastern United States. Our team is dedicated to helping you trim the fat, reduce waste, and find great financial success within your existing business model. When your finances are efficient and streamlined, you’ll gain a competitive advantage in an already extremely competitive industry. Keep reading to learn more about how our finance consulting and lean business analysis services can help your CBD and hemp business thrive.

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What are the main benefits businesses see from Long Run Associates, LLC’s lean business analysis and finance consulting service?

  • Fewer wasted resources and less overall waste

  • Greater value from existing resources

  • Diagnostics and identification of wasteful practices

  • Action-based solutions for addressing inefficiencies

  • Gain a competitive edge in the already competitive CBD marketplace

Get the professional finance consulting services your business needs to maximize its efficiency by contacting us at Long Run Associates, LLC today!

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Finance Consulting For Business of All Sizes

Regardless of how big or small your business is, finance consulting and lean business analysis services are always beneficial. Even if you’ve built your system with efficiency in mind, our expert eye will likely find a way to reduce waste that you might not have considered. Whether it’s a process, production, or structural inefficiency that is wasting unnecessary resources, our finance consulting professionals will discover it and provide an impactful solution. Long Run Associates, LLC simply wants to help you keep more money in your pocket so that you can invest those savings back into your business in more meaningful ways. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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What Does the Lean Business Analysis Entail?

When our finance consulting professional performs a lean business analysis for your hemp and CBD business, we look at a variety of factors including but not limited to:

  • Interactions between input, output, procedures, controls, people, application, data, technology, and their results against KPIs

  • Process costs

  • Process quality

  • Process time

  • Process capacity

  • Identifying key areas for improvement

  • Model and test new plans, solutions, and proposals

  • Continued support and reviews for lasting improvement

At Long Run Associates, LLC, we’re invested in your success.

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Our team can help your CBD and hemp business cut waste and find new growth that you never thought possible! We’ll help you identify key problem areas and implement new, more efficient strategies crucial to your business’ long-term success.We want to help you create more for your customers without sacrificing your limited resources. No matter your industry or professional needs, Long Run Associates, LLC offers personalized attention and professional results!

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