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About Our Firm

Long Run Associates, LLC offers our wealth of professional experience to help enterprises thrive in the modern marketplace. Our services focus on business structuring, growth tactics, product placement, business efficiency analysis, capital investments, and more to help your organization achieve its primary goals.

You’ve got a business to grow and run. Let our professional management team assist in taking care of the logistics. Long Run Associates, LLC is here to help for the long run, combining our services to generate complete business solutions and enable your enterprise to grow. Let us know your professional plan, and we’ll be happy to tailor our full suite of business consulting services to align with your goals!

Meet The Team

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BRIAN LONG | CEO & Founder

A former U.S. Army Special Operator and disabled veteran with multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, Brian came home and focused on large-scale program management in the aerospace industry to hone his skills and further his passion. Brian is a graduate of Kaplan University (BA/MBA) with a specialization in Project Management, where he began focusing on investing in and operating multiple small- and medium-sized companies. Using this experience, Brian founded his service-based firm to help businesses of all sizes realize their objects and ability to grow.

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STUART HARTWELL | President & Founder

Stuart is a proven business professional with more than twelve years of program and portfolio management experience in the aerospace industry. Stuart is a retired disabled veteran from the U.S. Army with a distinguished career spanning 24 years. His service as a Special Operations Aviator is highlighted by multiple global tours of duty including service in Afghanistan and Iraq as an MH-60 Attack and Assault pilot. Stuart is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (BS/MAS) and Auburn University (MBA). His experiences have provided unique skill sets in Business Development, Sales, Portfolio Management, Program Management, Logistics, Operations Management, and Lean Business and Manufacturing. Ever the optimist, Stuart enjoys discovering the path to “yes”.

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JIM MATHENY | VP Programs & Founder

Jim is a retired U.S. Army veteran currently working in the private sector with sixteen years of experience in Life Cycle Technology, Project Management, and Integrated Logistics Support, Planning, and Management (ILSPM). Jim is a summa cum laude graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (BS) with minors in Business Operations and Safety. Jim is the recipient of a co-awarded patent for System and Method for Evaluating Operations with Respect to Environmental Factors and he has contributed to seven patents in the fields of analytics and life cycle technology. Jim enjoys encouraging teams to perform as efficiently as possible while delivering on time and within budget without sacrificing quality to improve overall efficiency and reduce costs.

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Mackenzie is a Business Development, Sales, and Marketing professional with a background in Fashion, Produce, and other emerging industries. Mackenzie specializes in connecting people to meet customer needs and is a recognized industry leader in product placement. Her experience in distribution operations has provided a complete understanding of customers operations across the business spectrum from production to sale to the consumer. Mackenzie thrives on closing the deal and obtaining the best outcome for her customers.

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KEVIN POWELL | VP Business Development

Kevin is a former Special Operations Aviator who retired from the United States Army after 27 years. He went on to serve as a Lead Pilot for Vanderbilt LifeFlight, the critical care air medical transport service of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Most recently, Kevin established and leads a robust Aviation Division that supports local law enforcement. He has extensive experience in Program Management, Software Development, Logistics, Personnel Management, and Finance. He is a leader and innovator in all aspects of Product Development, Fielding, Sustainment, and Life Cycle Replacement. Kevin is a firm believer in thinking “outside the box” to achieve innovative solutions to unique problems.