Long Run Associates

Business Services and Solutions

Long Run Associates, LLC focuses on providing value-added business consulting services to our commercial customers across the Southeast United States. Our planners, project managers, and specialists can create versatile strategies and provide scalable support to help you reach your professional goals, generate sustainable growth within your organization, and achieve lasting success for your enterprise.

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Building Your Success

At Long Run Associates, a business service and support firm, we pride ourselves in delivering value-added services to our customers across multiple industries. Our approach to execution is founded on application of proven business practices, detail-oriented analysis and process documentation, experience in operations, and a direct approach to management solutions. We are a team-focused organization built upon a trust of individual responsibility, and our experts are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our deliver to promise background is rooted in our executive leadership teams experience serving in our nation’s elite aviation forces with a +/- 30 second standard. Put simply: we do what we say, on time.


Helping Your Business Grow



We bring in trusted investors to meet the capital needs of our clients. Our team will review or assist in development of the customer business plan, define potential investor profiles, shape the customer's investor offer, construct investment marketing collateral to support customer capital programs, and deliver accredited investors.

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We specialize in the planning, coordinating, and executing of your growth project or other program to meet your goals and requirements. Through identification of key metrics and milestones, and persistent attention to cost, performance, and schedule, our customers are able to remain focused on their ongoing business concerns while we make growth plans a reality.

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We place your products in the best locations and target markets using established representatives. Our approach provides focused representation, reduced overhead, and access across multiple market areas. Let us help you boost revenue while minimizing cost of sale activities.

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Our lean business analysis process is focused on identifying and eliminating waste. We will review your current activities to gain an understanding of your processes and segment areas of your business for further analysis. Our review includes identifying interactions between inputs, outputs, procedures, controls, people, applications, data, technology and how they produce results and perform against existing or jointly developed Key Performance Indicators. We will evaluate your processes cost, quality, time, and capacity, seeking waste elimination and opportunities for lean improvement. We will define the current process, specify potential areas of improvement, and model and test the future lean process. We will follow up to review success and provide your team with a path to continuous improvement.

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Our team will conduct a Strategic Market Analysis that includes market definition, competitive analysis, and target consumer demographics and behaviors. We will collaborate with our customer to develop a Market Entry Strategy that includes strategies to address products, customers, distribution, and finances. Our team will assist with execution of the developed strategy.

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